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BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Consulting


Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the outsourcing of some repetitive non-core or core business processes to a third-party service provider in order to cut costs and improve service quality. Regarding the Japanese and Korean outsourcing business line, CSI Interfusion Inc. started the business in 1992, and now has 20 years of experience in various information processing services. Our BPO service covers source data entry/processing, back office support, contact center, and comprehensive business personnel dispatch, etc. To fulfill our quality objective of “meeting customer requirements, enhancing process management, and achieving continuous improvement”, we were the first in the industry to obtain certification in the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, and thus further improved the quality of our operations to provide effective support for customer service, with 99.997% accuracy guaranteed. ISO 27001:2005 and the personal information protection assessment (PIPA) provide our customers and third parties with assurances that our information security management system can meet the specified standards under contractual conditions.

Following the principle of “more correct, more prompt, and more secure”, we provide the most suitable BPO service for our customers based on our technologies and rich practical experience.

Service Offerings

Data processing (entry/cleaning)

The business process outsourcing provided by CSI Interfusion Inc. covers the all-round data processing service, including data entry and cleaning, and we can meet all requirements of customers for delivery date and quality through planning the project plan in a scientific and reasonable way. As of 2012, we have been engaged in data processing service for 20 years, and gained large enterprise customers of various industries in Japan.

Service details

  • Processing of various applications and advance orders
  • Processing of postcards and New Year’s cards
  • Processing of business cards and registers
  • Processing of survey questionnaires
  • Data processing of sales vouchers, accounting, ordering, business, and inventory
  • Processing of medical expense bills and social security documents
  • Processing of examination papers and answers
  • Processing of various tax forms and statistical investigation data
  • Processing of meteorological and hydrological data
  • Electronization of textbooks, academic papers, legal documents, and patent documents, etc.
  • Literalization of HTML and XML/SGML

Analysis and production

The business process outsourcing provided by CSI Interfusion Inc. covers processing of online advertisement information, including arrangement and analysis of information, creation of network data, and maintenance of late-time data, etc. We provide high quality information services with high added value for our customers by applying specialist operational processes to meet all of our customers’ delivery date and quality requirements. As of 2012, we have provided the service for 2 years, and have become a well-known Japanese media company’s only Chinese partner for this service.

Service Capabilities and Key Benefits

Rich experience

  • 20 years of experience in data processing, established and reliable operational processes
  • Many staff with a good understanding of Japanese business processes
  • Able to promptly develop reasonable proposals for new services in a short time

Management system

  • Our internal management system has been independently developed based on the experience we have gained over the past decade
  • Internal integrated management information system (personnel management, authority setting, schedule management, customer management, project management, and man-hour management)
  • Business management system (project management, progress management, employee management, efficiency management, salary accounting, and quality management)

Site support

  • Guaranteed support system in Japan
  • Scanning, pre-processing, and post-processing, etc. can be performed; this service is provided according to the business processes required by the customer.

Customer Values

Having worked with industry leaders in outsourcing research and development for over a decade, CSI Interfusion Inc. provides high-quality service products and produces an enormous return on investment for our clients.

High quality project delivery: relying on our comprehensive quality management system and project management system, considerable experience in project delivery, and a specialized team composed of the first class experts who provide development and application solutions for projects, CSI Interfusion Inc. can quickly and efficiently fulfill the project delivery objectives and ensure high quality project delivery.

E2E full-process cost reduction: CSI Interfusion Inc. has an E2E project delivery management system, and can consider client costs from an E2E angle, thus providing the best total solutions for our clients.

Future-oriented expansibility: over many years, CSI Interfusion Inc. has accumulated and used the latest technologies and tools in outsourcing project delivery practices, and developed a powerful expansible architecture. When the lifecycle of a project changes, the solution provided by CSI Interfusion Inc. can fully protect the client’s key investments due to the solution’s flexible future-oriented expandability and fast, convenient upgrade capabilities.

Successful Case List

Online recruitment advertisement service for a large, well-known Japanese recruitment advertisement company.