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Based on their abundant experience with informatization in the banking and finance industry, CSI Interfusion Inc. has developed banking and finance solutions including the financial card management solution, financial payment and clearing solution, bank network-wide acquiring service platform, credit and financing service and management system, financial service risk control, credit card core and periphery management system, online banking system, financial sales solution, SOA application suite solution, general platform solution, and international message management platform.

Financial Card Management Solution

Covering the traditional acquiring field, as well as the IC and financial IC card field, this solution provides banks and various card issuers with unified card management services (magnetic strip card and IC card fabrication management and card state management), IC card services (IC card issue, low-value payment), financial IC card application services in industries including public transportation, social security, medical care, and education, and enhances merchant settlement and error processing; it provides expanded merchant services that incorporate POS, ATM, and EPOS services.

Financial Payment and Clearing Solution

Covering basic transaction processing and service management for banking and financial payments and settlements, and based on the standard financial payment protocol, the financial payment and clearing solution interconnects with external systems and supports the individualized services and systems of foreign banks. In addition, it provides payment gateways, direct connection of CNAPS high-value/low-value payments, and second generation CNAPS as well as foreign/local currency financial payments, clearing, reporting and management.

Bank Network-Wide Acquiring Service Platform

The acquiring service is a network-wide acquiring service provided for banks. It provides a unified acquiring platform to support all on-line and off-line acquiring transactions, allows flexible function tailoring so that the project implementation complexity and construction period can be reduced. At the same time, it can provide good expansibility to meet the special requirements of all commercial banks.

Credit and Financing Service and Management System

The credit and financing service is provided for banks, financial companies, small loan companies, consumption financial companies, financing and tenancy institutions, etc. J2EE architecture and WEB2.0 front end page presentation technology are applied to this system which uses the workflow product and rule engine to provide credit and financing services characterized by standard flow, normative components and regular service management. It facilitates credit and financing service management and risk management, and improves the flexibility and customer service level of the product.

Financial Service Risk Control

Oriented to financial risks and covering offline POS payments, e-payments, credit collection, merchant acquiring and clearing, etc. for banks, card issuers, acquiring institutions, and third-party payment institutions, it provides a specialized risk management and monitoring system for the financial institutions mentioned above to improve their risk monitoring and prevention management by integrating the rule engine and proven technology.

Credit Card Core and Periphery Management System

Oriented to credit card services, covering the core and periphery services of credit cards and credit finance, and modeling based on the general international credit card standard service, this system meets the demands of credit card issuance and transaction management, and at the same time improves credit card service monitoring, delicacy management, and application.

Online Banking System

This system covers online banking services for financial institutions, and is based on the J2EE application. The system includes MVC architecture. It provides many basic online banking services and satisfactory security solutions, and furthermore integrates online financial services such as notes and fund management, etc.

Financial Sales Solution

Covering the credit card and e-business fields and based on the flow engine and rule engine, this solution manages credit card and e-merchant sales and bonus points, facilitates the subdivision of customers and products related to these services and thus improves the sales service level.

SOA Application Suite Solution

This solution provides a service-oriented architecture platform for integrating enterprise information. It uses a standard technical platform to provide interfaces for “unified management and defined services”, and allows various systems to be set up and interconnected on the platform. It is an infrastructure platform that supports internet computing, and is equipped with the software that has undergone ten million record data tests in the financial industry. As a result, it can effectively simplify development flow, improve development efficiency, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and provide localized and specialist-level system services.

General Platform Solution

This solution provides both financial and non-financial institutions with flexibly configured rule engine products to facilitate rule-based service management and improve the flexibility of service rules and management standardization.

International Message Management Platform

In order to improve the international message exchange service for financial institutions, this platform allows the management and risk control of the whole company’s messages to be centralized, and establishes the unified message management platform by integrating front end message systems and regulating unified message input/output ports.