Industry Solutions

Health Care


CSI Interfusion Inc.’s clients include Pfizer and other leading makers of pharmaceuticals and medical products. The company provides solutions in the areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and software development for hospital systems.           


Dynamic Regulation of Drug Production  Employing multiple methods and adhering strictly to GMP design norms, CSI Interfusion Inc. has developed a dynamic system for regulating drug production. With this system, drug manufacturers and other enterprises are able truly optimize their drug producing situation and achieve remote monitoring and real-time warning.  Automatic acquisition and manual entry, as well as complete data collection through the internet, allow customers to realize comprehensive, dynamic, timely, and accurate results.

Goods Digital Tracking  CSI Interfusion Inc.’s Goods Digital Tracking service allows for strong integration capability and large volume data processing ability. It does so through advanced RFID and industrial control techniques, as well as advanced code-making equipment, that are the result of many large-scale project tests.