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CSI Interfusion Inc. has long been a pioneer in IT solutions. The company has received numerous awards in recognition of its first-rate professional technologies, rich industrial experience, keen insight, and continuous innovation abilities.

With its unique market positioning and key partnerships with IT industry leaders, CSI Interfusion Inc. is ideally suited to provide its clients with customized end-to-end IT industry services and on-demand solutions. The Company has enjoyed longstanding relationships with IBM, Microsoft, ORACLE, NEC, BEA, SUN, HP, and Motorola. Through these strategic partnerships, we assist our IT industry customers in achieving truly remarkable results in the fields of telecommunications, mobile internet, and many others. We do so by giving our clients the tools to instantly improve their management systems and technology systems to maximize customer value.

We offer the following services and solutions:

  • Application Development 

  • Enterprise Application Integration 

  • Testing Services  

  • Localization & Globalization 

  • Software Product Engineering 

  • Legacy System Migration 

  • Operation & Support 

  • Embedded Software 

  • Data Processing

  • Call Center