Industry Solutions



Solutions for manufacturing and distribution include the IT planning service, Internet of Things application solution, manufacturing execution system (MES), logistics execution system (LES), product lifecycle management (PLM) system, enterprise equipment management system, internet data center (IDC) solution and decision support system, solution for enterprise management and control system construction, tobacco commercial sales management system, tobacco monopoly management system, tobacco e-government system, industry management and control application system, enterprise application integration (EAI) service, cloud computing and virtualization solution, enterprise information security solution, IT service management (ITSM) solution, and project implementation services for various industries.

IT Planning Service

Diagnostics and analysis, flow optimization, and the integration of practical experience and advanced information technology are used to set the company’s informatization objectives and strategies, develop the relationship structure, and determine the logical relationship in order to guide the enterprise informatization process in an all-around and systematic way so as to help companies fulfill their strategic objectives.

Solution for Enterprise Management and Control System Construction

By introducing advanced management philosophy such as the ISO 9000 management system and applying methods and concepts from the quality management system, companies perform flow sorting, management & control and optimization, thus setting up a new management platform and continuously improving their basic management standard by using IT approaches.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

As the core of “digital factories”, this is a complete package of closed-loop production management solutions applicable to manufacturing, including both hybrid manufacturing and discrete manufacturing. MES solutions provide an end-to-end service covering the whole process from business consulting and system planning to application, and user training.

Logistics Execution System (LES)

The basic logistics management platform, including the digital warehousing, comprehensive logistics monitoring platform, is established based on actual company demands to perform unified and all-round monitoring and analysis of logistics costs, efficiency, performance, logistics site monitoring, and distribution vehicle GPS monitoring, etc. so as to efficiently support the company in continuously improving their logistics management. The logistics system includes a comprehensive logistics monitoring platform, logistics cost and performance management, digital warehousing, an intelligent route optimization system, and logistics GIS application

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) System

Focusing on supporting R&D innovation and management and concentrating on full PLM in brand manufacturing, core functions such as R&D demand management, R&D process management, R&D resource management, R&D result management, and expertise management, etc. are developed to realize intelligent design step by step for the purpose of supporting companies with carrying out informatization in external and internal product R&D management, including internal R&D management and cooperative R&D management.

Enterprise Equipment Management System

This system is an equipment management information system developed on the basis of the ideology of standardized total equipment maintenance. It organizes activities such as equipment maintenance, service, and repair, etc. according to the work card, and introduces “plan”, “do”, “check”, and “action” in equipment management and maintenance to achieve closed-loop business flow operation.