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Transportation & Logistics

Transportation_and_Logistics.jpgFor years CSI Interfusion Inc. has held a leading position in public transport, rail transport, airport construction, and other related market segments. We provide rich standardized services to customers within the transport and logistics industry. These include strategy management, back office processing and payment, and application management. We also offer IT consulting, development, testing, and integration.

Strategy Management Consulting   Through its strategy management consulting service, CSI Interfusion Inc. helps companies face the ever-changing marketing environment and unknown business risks, as well as forge a path of sustainable growth.        
Mobile Internet Business Development Consulting  One of our chief areas of focus is mobile internet business development consulting. We assist customers with the synchronous design, development, operation, and popularization of their mobile internet businesses. Our efficient approach, coupled with mature products and technical capabilities, are invaluable in helping customers achieve their business objectives.                 
City Transport One-Card-Pass System  Using the City Transport One-Card-Pass System, customers are able to realize automatic fare collection (AFC). AFC is achieved uniformly for taxi service and various forms of public transportation (i.e., subways, buses, and light rail) based on an IC card. In addition, the card handles payment of water, electricity, coal, estate, and supermarket shopping, among other things. The card is thus able to serve as a “one-card-pass."        
Rail Transit Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System  CSI Interfusion Inc.’s automatic fare collection (AFC) solution has been widely used on payment systems of rail transit and highway. We have undertaken a number of AFC system construction projects in many cities, and accumulated rich experiences on AFC system design and implementation.         
Airport  Payment and statistical analysis system stores historical data of flight operations, fee collecting service data, and light statistical service data. It also provides data interfaces for future airport management systems, checks for the validity of data in airport fee collecting systems and aviation statistical system, and guarantees the consistency and correctness of key data between various management application subsystems.         
Mobile Payment  Mobile payment is a new service mode which allows users to pay for the consumption of goods or services by using their mobile devices (usually mobile phones). CSI Interfusion Inc. mobile payment solution applies advanced RFID mobile payment technologies, through mobile terminals within mobile payment features. It helps users to realize convenient payment for traveling, shopping, consumption, and other various fees.