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Application Platform Optimization


CSI Interfusion Inc. provides application software development and testing services for clients worldwide, including application platform development, mobile internet development, fast customized development of tool software, embedded development, and user interface design and development. In addition, we can provide customized, optimized solutions and application program integration solutions according to the clients’ specific IT requirements.

Using our rich specialist knowledge and technical experience in the IT outsourcing field and the certified CMMI 5 and ISO9001 quality standards and processes, we have provided high quality project delivery for our clients and made remarkable achievements in this field over the past decade.

Service Offerings

In terms of product R&D and testing, we provide individual services and service portfolios.

Enterprise application development

Enterprise application development based on middleware platforms

Oracle middleware platform, CORBA middleware platform, and J2EE/Java EE middleware platform

CS/BS-based traditional enterprise application development

Enterprise information management system, SNS, e-business, personal entertainment, and multimedia

Fast development of common portals

CSI Interfusion Inc. designs, develops, and maintains customized portals for clients.

A portal is composed of three major parts: basic modules, standard modules, and service modules. The service modules can be customized according to client requirements.

Basic modules: email login entry block, full-document search function, information capture, counter, website visit statistics, right-click copy protection, and ICP registration for non-operational websites; Standard modules: industry website content module, industry website news module, content management module, production management module, order management module, news management module, recruitment module, mail feedback form module, consulting message module, online survey module, reciprocal link module, BBS forum module, video management module, and download management module;

Service modules: instant communication (online client service system), industry website member module, industry website advertisement module, advertisement management module, intranet management module, cart management module, e-journal module, member management module, news comment module, and mobile phone SMS web platform.

Mobile Internet development

Mobile terminal application development

CSI Interfusion Inc. provides application design, development, testing and adaptation of mobile phone platforms for our clients.

Our capability in terms of mobile terminal application development:

  • Fully covering mainstream development platforms: Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone, BREW, Linux, and Java/J2ME
  • Experience in various terminal application projects: mobile phone TV, video calling, mobile phone music downloads, mobile phone games, mobile phone IM, and mobile search, etc.

Development of social networking sites

As one of the first providers of wireless internet service platform design and development, CSI Interfusion Inc. provides customized wireless internet service platform design and development according to client requirements.

  • CMS system
  • Mobile terminal SNS
  • Microblogging

Fast, customized development of tool software

As one of the first software outsourcing providers to work with industry leaders in research and development, CSI Interfusion Inc. is experienced in tool software development and develops various platform, testing, operation, and industry application tool products. In addition, we can flexibly provide customized products according to client requirements.

We have delivered tools that cover the following fields:

  • Development and testing tools
  • Database-related tools
  • Operation tools, telecommunications system upgrade and cutover tools, etc.
  • OM management, medical care, Internet of Things and manufacturing, etc.

Embedded development and testing

Thanks to long-term cooperation in research and development with communication leaders such as Huawei, CSI Interfusion Inc. can provide development and testing services based on high availability industrial embedded applications in the telecommunications field and help our clients to define, develop, and improve their current software capabilities. We have established a strong technical team specializing in embedded development and testing to provide excellent software engineering services for our clients, covering embedded application development and testing on such platforms as Vxworks, pSos, and Linux, etc. Moreover, we can provide highly competent staff specializing in testing according to client requirements, who can perform hardware and drive testing (including testing requirement decomposition, case analysis, and testing implementation tasks) so as to effectively support clients with highly efficient and high quality service delivery and finally to help clients cut their costs.

User interface design and development

Interface design is critical to the success of most application products and services. The graphic interactive user experience design directly influences every aspect of sales, service cost, use for production, client loyalty, and business.

The user experience design team at CSI Interfusion Inc. is your best partner for designing products and services to significantly improve client satisfaction and profit.

Service Capabilities and Key Benefits

Rich industry experience

Due to considerable experience gained in application development and testing services over many years, CSI Interfusion Inc. can provide complete solutions for clients in many industries, including telecoCSI Interfusion Inc. mmunications, financial services, high-tech, consumable commodities, education, manufacturing and distribution, Internet of Things, and medical care and pharmacy, etc.

Guaranteed project delivery quality

Our excellent testing delivery team and quality management team provide key quality delivery guarantees for our application development and testing service.

Testing guarantee: our team of specialist testing engineers effectively guarantees the delivery quality based on our strict testing case review, testing process, and automated testing factory.

Quality management: by introducing Huawei’s mature industry-leading management process system and team of experts, CSI Interfusion Inc. has developed a series of all-round, highly efficient quality management systems and process standards to improve its overall quality management capability and service level.

Dynamic adaptation to client requirements and fast delivery capability

In increasingly complex service environments, client requirements change more and more frequently. In such cases, CSI Interfusion Inc. can effectively adapt to complex situations due to our agile development capability.

Sources of CSI Interfusion Inc.’s agile development capability:

  • Many years of experience in working with Microsoft in product development
  • Experience in implementing agile projects for large-scale Huawei communications product development
  • Experience in working with Tencent and Alibaba in agile projects for internet products

Innovative product development capability

CSI Interfusion Inc. has accumulated many successful application development and testing service cases for clients both in China and abroad, and has gained considerable industry and implementation experience. By capturing cross-industry characteristics and opportunities, we can provide cross-industry application solutions in an innovative way to help our clients develop new businesses and seize new market opportunities. Our service covers many fields such as telecommunication, IT, education, internet, manufacturing, mobile phone terminals and medical care, etc.

Client Values

Having worked with industry leaders in outsourcing research and development for over a decade, CSI Interfusion Inc. provides high-quality service products and produces an enormous return on investment for our clients.

High quality project delivery: relying on our comprehensive quality management system and project management system, considerable experience in project delivery, and a specialized team composed of the first class experts who provide development and application solutions for projects, CSI Interfusion Inc. can quickly and efficiently fulfill the project delivery objectives and ensure high quality project delivery.

E2E full-process cost reduction: CSI Interfusion Inc. has an E2E project delivery management system, and can consider client costs from an E2E angle, thus providing the best total solutions for our clients.

Future-oriented expansibility: over many years, CSI Interfusion Inc. has accumulated and used the latest technologies and tools in outsourcing project delivery practices, and developed a powerful expansible architecture. When the lifecycle of a project changes, the solution provided by CSI Interfusion Inc. can fully protect the client’s key investments due to the solution’s flexible future-oriented expandability and fast, convenient upgrade capabilities.

Successful Case List

  • Integrated portal solution for Huawei’s PortalOne application and software product line
  • Project for Huawei’s OMSYS tool network product line
  • ChinaAMC’s online fund trading platform
  • A company education system platform 

Major Client List

Microsoft, Huawei, Tencent, 99Bill, Datang, Ping An Insurance (Group), and ChinaAMC