IT Infrastructure Services

Business Productivity Optimization


Through our BPO (Business Productivity Optimization) services, CSI Interfusion Inc. helps enterprises in a wide range of fields optimize the productivity of their IT infrastructures. Our mastery of BPO comes from more than a decade’s worth of experience helping hundreds of clients worldwide achieve the most efficient use of their data, content and processes.

The end result for each client is a greatly improved productivity level at every level of business, born of our methodical analysis and systematic streamlining processes. We enable customers to reap the full benefits of their IT infrastructures, and in the processes, achieve great gains in customer acquisition and the breadth and depth of existing customer relationships.

For example, we provided ABC Bank with a service solution that included DC facility management, shared infrastructure support and DB management support. This comprehensive, customized solution allowed the company to achieve significant gains in productivity as well as a single point of contact with customers.