IT Infrastructure Services

Core Infrastructure Optimization

Core_Infustructure_Optimization.jpgWith the increasing complexity of IT infrastructure, the use of information technology in a wider range of fields, and increasingly complex evaluations of IT investment results by companies, it is widely recognized that the highest efficiency and best reliability for IT system maintenance is achieved by integrating internal maintenance resources and external service resources. These circumstances led to the current market demands for IT maintenance services and maintenance service outsourcing, which are growing rapidly.

CSI Interfusion Inc. uses its excellent technical services and complete service processes, including process control, response, and quality, to meet client expectations. CSI Interfusion Inc.’s infrastructure outsourcing service provides clients with cost-efficient and flexible IT infrastructure and can quickly adapt to changing market and business environments by improving service stability and reliability. We help companies to cut costs with our specialist technologies, automation tools and delivery models, and at the same time provide various technical outsourcing solutions to meet different service requirements and ensure compliance, security and service continuity, thus mitigating risks. CSI Interfusion Inc. works with leading partners in the industry to develop low-cost and high-value solutions and provide clients with an IT infrastructure investment optimization platform to ensure that the company’s IT management and operations are compliant with the standards of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

CSI Interfusion Inc. has successfully implemented many maintenance support service and maintenance outsourcing services and acquired a large client base over the years. CSI Interfusion Inc.’s infrastructure support service covers hardware system maintenance support, software system maintenance support, maintenance support outsourcing, and data center migration, etc.

Service Offerings

Hardware System Maintenance Support

  • Technical support for hosts, servers, storage devices, network devices, and network security devices, etc.
  • System integration
  • System migration and integration
  • High-end arrays

Software System Maintenance Support

  • Fault removal
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Software product upgrades
  • Technical communication and support
  • Software configuration optimization
  • Software and data backup and recovery

Maintenance Support Outsourcing

CSI Interfusion Inc.’s maintenance support outsourcing service manages the client’s IT software/hardware platform environment and related IT assets as a “virtual operation management department” by providing a specialist maintenance support team and standard maintenance service processes in line with customized service objectives according to client demands, and enables the IT platform system’s functions and performance to meet agreed service requirements by monitoring, maintaining and optimizing the IT software/hardware platform environment and network system, and finally provides a stable and efficient IT service environment for clients.

Data Center Migration

  • Infrastructure
  • Demand analysis (including system environment analysis, service data analysis, migration demand analysis, and performance demand analysis)
  • Data center migration system design
  • Operation assurance
  • Disaster tolerance backup

Service Capabilities and Key Benefits

Service solutions

Our outstanding business performance is a result of our prominent business processes supported by excellent technology. CSI Interfusion Inc. provides services in multiple languages and categories for both the domestic market and international markets such as the Japanese, Korean, European and American markets. We provide our clients with complete one-stop solutions covering all major company operations and management processes from the client liaison center at the front end of an company to back-office support for internal company operations, and various individualized one-stop outsourcing solutions.

Operational Management System Compliant With International Standards

CSI Interfusion Inc. has an excellent management team, and quality control and cost management experts engaged in IT infrastructure outsourcing services. It has also developed a series of all-round and highly efficient operational management systems and process standards according to advanced industry standards such as COPC, ITIL and ISO27001, etc. to improve its overall operational management capabilities and service levels. Furthermore, by using powerful report functions, etc. as a management tool, CSI Interfusion Inc. provides “client-oriented and process-driven” service.

For every project, CSI Interfusion Inc. and the client jointly set and sign feasible SLAs and all necessary KPI indicators to meet the specific requirements of the project. At the same time, based on its flexible outsourcing policies and its ability to quickly meet client demands, respond promptly and provide multiple services, CSI Interfusion Inc. can adjust the project scale to meet clients’ project demands in the shortest possible time.

Rich Experience

Years of development have allowed CSI Interfusion Inc.’s IT infrastructure service management team to gain rich industry knowledge and management experience. In addition, it has technologies and experience related to international project transfer, implementation and operation, owns scientific project transfer and management models, a specialist international project transfer and management team, and complete project transfer plans. CSI Interfusion Inc. is therefore able to develop individualized service processes and service models customized according to client requirements.

We have now successfully provided services in many industries and fields such as IT, education, government, communication, internet, manufacture, and consumable commodities, etc., and have expanded into international markets such as the Japanese, Korean, European and American markets. 

Client Values

Having worked with industry leaders in outsourcing research and development for over a decade, CSI Interfusion Inc. provides high-quality service products and produces an enormous return on investment for our clients.

High quality project delivery: relying on our comprehensive quality management system and project management system, considerable experience in project delivery, and a specialized team composed of the first class experts who provide development and application solutions for projects, CSI Interfusion Inc. can quickly and efficiently fulfill the project delivery objectives and ensure high quality project delivery.

E2E full-process cost reduction: CSI Interfusion Inc. has an E2E project delivery management system, and can consider client costs from an E2E angle, thus providing the best total solutions for our clients.

Future-oriented expansibility: over many years, CSI Interfusion Inc. has accumulated and used the latest technologies and tools in outsourcing project delivery practices, and developed a powerful expansible architecture. When the lifecycle of a project changes, the solution provided by CSI Interfusion Inc. can fully protect the client’s key investments due to the solution’s flexible future-oriented expandability and fast, convenient upgrade capabilities.