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Knowledge Services

Knowledge_Services.jpgCSI Interfusion Inc.’s Knowledge Services go beyond traditional consulting to offer enterprise-wide solutions that integrate knowledge and information management along with strategic learning. We provide training and advisory services in conjunction with software solutions that help enterprises plan more intelligently, reduce operational expenses, and overall increase efficiency and productivity.

Our approach is rooted in a hard-earned accumulation of years of industrial knowledge and applied skill. We draw on a wealth of field knowledge and successful cases, the methodology of deep mining, value discovery, planning design, and continuous improvement. But our knowledge services go well beyond merely providing counsel and advice, to include actively working to expand new fields and industries as well as explore new customer growth points.

We have a proven commitment and track record of helping companies achieve these ends. For example, we were awarded Microsoft’s prestigious Preferred Supplier Program Excellence Award for 2011, because, according to the company, our “commitment to deliver highly competitive offshore and onshore rate structures, along with a tangible plan for measuring and committing to high levels of quality, has generated substantial savings for Microsoft.”