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A partnership built on excellence and solid technology

Microsoft_Technology.jpgThis year CSI Interfusion Inc. won the prestigious Microsoft Preferred Supplier Program Excellence Award for 2011, an honorable milestone in a seven-year, 360-degree strategic partnership with Microsoft. As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, we have helped Microsoft realize outstanding cost savings and efficiency for the past seven years through our comprehensive one- stop approach to IT services and solutions.

With more than 1600 engineers working on Microsoft projects at their offices around the world, we offer solutions in the full scope of Microsoft technologies and tools. These include the Microsoft Operating System, Database, Server, BI, and SharePoint. For example, we have expert teams that give advisory services in areas such as performance, automation, frameworks, tools, and security, among others. In addition, we have provided Microsoft with cost savings and efficiencies by introducing our Managed Services Model  into several of the company’s departments.

In 2011, we exceeded Microsoft's expectations by achieving a more than 50-percent cost savings. We accomplished this by consolidating more than 100 resources from 16 suppliers to fewer than 70 resources from one supplier. As a result, Microsoft saw a 30-percent year-over-year return on investment. According to Microsoft, CSI Interfusion Inc.'s "commitment to deliver highly competitive offshore and onshore rate structures, along with a tangible plan for measuring and committing to high levels of quality, has generated substantial savings for Microsoft.”