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Mobile Apps

Mobile_Apps.jpgCSI Interfusion Inc.’s mobile application solutions generally cover the enterprise microblogging and enterprise IM systems, Mobile Connector system, SNS community system, mobile phone walkie-talkie system, mobile phone client platform development and adaptation service, mobile internet platform development service, mobile internet operation publicity service, and mobile commercial SMS/MMS publicity.

Mobile Connector System

This includes the SNS/microblog Connector system and IM Connector system.

SNS Community System

This is a community system similar to Facebook, including the SNS community core platform such as community function modules, operation BI systems, verification systems, web, WAP, client multi-platform presentation, open platform interface provision, and CMS compiling systems.

Mobile Phone Walkie-Talkie System

This includes the mobile phone walkie-talkie core platform and Android mobile phone walkie-talkie client. The whole service system enables mobile to mobile, mobile to PC and PC to PC multimedia collaborative communication, and at the same time enables integration with third-party applications through open interfaces.

Mobile Phone Client Platform Development and Adaptation Service

This service provides demand analysis, product design, technical development, testing and terminal adaptation for mobile terminal applications based on all platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. In addition, it provides, designs, and develops customized client application software for customers, which is supported by one package service covering testing, adaptation, signature authentication, and release on domestic and foreign mainstream application markets, etc.

Mobile Internet Platform Development Service

This designs and develops various mobile internet core service platforms for customers, including communication, community and e-business platforms as well as other integrated service platforms, platform peripheral interface systems, and service support systems, etc. The platform’s support services operate on various terminals such as web, WAP, and mobile phone clients, etc.

Mobile Internet Operation Publicity Service

Based on years of end user operation and publicity experience and the Advantage offered by a large number of channels (operator channel, mobile phone terminal manufacturer channel, internet channel, and advertisement channel), it designs the optimal operation publicity plan and the most efficient publicity service for customers and helps them achieve the best publicity result and long-term customer loyalty in a short time.

Mobile Commercial SMS/MMS Promotion

This provides SMS/MMS group service channels (in gateway or mobile phone mode) for three major Chinese mobile operators with guaranteed QoS and at a low price. It can help customers with their brand publicity, customer service, and commercial advertisement, etc.