Technology Solutions

Mobile Development

Mobile_Development.jpgOur award-winning sub-company ChinaSoft Mobile offers large-scale, end-to-end multi-platform mobile development supporting  more than 1,000 mobile devices. With an investment portfolio of 100M USD over the past two years, the company has close working relationships with wireless carriers, manufacturers, and mobile device distributors worldwide, including Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and MSN.

CSI Interfusion Inc. owns the world's leading technologies for the development of mobile instant messaging, SNS community platform, mobile client, and SNS games, allowing the company to deliver its IT industry customers achieve truly superior results in the areas of telecommunications, mobile internet, and many others.

For example, ChinaSoft Mobile successfully took on Nokia device testing in Beijing for seven straight years.  This involved providing resources for native speakers of 53 to 56 different languages across North America, Asia, and East Europe, and covering more than 10,000 applications. At its peak, this venture made use of 275 resources with an additional 100 native speakers. ChinaSoft Mobile exceeded Nokia’s target for finding localization and linguistics bugs by 4 percent, handled 3,000 test cases per language and 6 test cases per release, and realized a less than 15 percent annual attrition rate.