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A Full Spectrum of Software Quality Assurance & Testing

CSI Interfusion Inc offers a full spectrum of software Quality Assurance & Testing services and solutions. Among the projects we’ve handled for leading IT companies are test plan documents, test cases, test data, test logs, defect reports, and test summary reSoftware_Testing.jpgports highlighting areas of necessary improvement. We are also the premier provider of construction and testing for Java and J2EE. We aim above all to ensure the reliability, security, and safety of client software systems critical to business success.

We’re dedicated to saving time and expense for software clients and efficiently closing quality gaps in products, and early testing is crucial to achieving these goals. By testing early in the software development life cycle, we’re able to identify and reduce risk in the primary stages of development rather than at the end. We’re also able to ensure transparency, faster shipping of the product, less costly repairs to problems that may arise later, and more accurate prediction of the product release date.


  • System testing: planning, strategies, automation, case design, case execution, and reporting

  • Verification and validation services

  • Complete testing of: functionality, usability, load/performance, recovery, volume, stress, storage, procedures (as per user manual), compatibility/conversion, install-ability, documentation, and configuration

  • Regression testing and testing for sustained engineering projects

  • Automated testing using Rational Test Studio, WinRunner, Mercury Interactive, Quick Test Pro, Junit, Nunit, Qstudio, etc.

  • Product and process metrics implementation in various types of development environments

  • Bug tracking, analysis, and resolution services

  • Globalization/localization testing

Delivery Models

  • On-site Dispatch, Staffing

  • Off-site Development, Testing & Maintenance

  • Offshore Development, Testing & Maintenance

  • Build Own Transfer

  • Tailored Offshore Development Center

Tools & Technologies

  • Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003, Sun Solaris, Red Hat & Turbo Linux, IBM AIX, HP UX, Unix

  • Clear Case, CVS,VSS

  • WinRunner, X-Runner, QA Center Enterprise, QA Center Performance

  • LoadRunner, WebLoad, Numega TrueTime, SQA SiteCheck, Dr. HTML

  • User specified tools